anti-static quick-dry fabrics,ESD fabric


anti-static quick-dry fabrics,ESD fabric



Detailed descriptions:
"YESCOOL" anti-static quick dry fabric was developed by Yestar Tech Group Limited, was usually used for a new type of anti-static quick-drying work clothes fabric. It is made of new type high-tech fibers which has excellent ability of moisture absorption and perspiration. To maintain the health of the skin perfectly. Can protect you from extremely hot and nausea wet. Enjoying the cool and comfortability. Is the ideal alternative of work clothes in spring and summer.
"YESCOOL" --moisture absorption and quick-drying, dry and breathable
Making use of the capillary effect which the little groove of the fiber surface produce, absorbing the perspiration in the surface of skin by capillarying and spreading to the surface of the fabric quickly, then volatiled off. At the same time, taking advantage of the ventilation property of the fiber, discharging the body's heat. As the carbon inside conductive fibers is in the fabrics, so, this kind of fabric not only has the capability of anti-static, but also has the ability of quick-drying.

Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Yestar

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